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Popular teenage tandem ‘KathNiel’ is back to titillate fans via Star Cinema’s “Crazy Beautiful You,” slated to open in theaters nationwide tomorrow, Feb. 25. The post-Valentine movie is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, who also megged “Bride for Rent.”

“Crazy Beautiful You” focuses on the life journey of Jackie Serrano (Kathryn), a rebellious problem child, and Kiko Alcantara (Daniel), a charming love child. The two will be paired as they fulfill a medical mission in a community. As they work together, Jackie and Kiko will unexpectedly embark in an unforgettable and crazy romantic adventure that will change their lives forever.



Said Daniel: “Our roles here are different from our past team-up in that, ako dito ang mabait, si Kathryn naman ang pasaway…”

Joining the blockbuster tandem is the legendary “Grand Slam Queen” Lorna Tolentino and Gabby Concepcion, the ’80s heartthrob whose tandem with Sharon Cuneta then could be likened to the ‘KathNiel’ pairing.


The film is about the life of Jackie Serrano, (Kathryn Bernardo) a rebellious child, and Kiko Alcantara, (Daniel Padilla) a love child but gentle enough for people around him to like. Kiko is assigned to look after Jackie during a medical mission in some community. The two unexpectedly find themselves in an unforgettable and crazy romantic adventure that changes their lives forever.

With Daniel and Kathryn in the movie are Lorna Tolentino and Gabby Concepcion as well as newcomer Iñigo Pascual.


Tolentino breathes life the character she plays, that of a mother desperately longing for the “forgiveness” of her daughter. She stops at nothing in correcting the mistakes she has committed previously. Meanwhile, Gabby Concepcion plays the role of a father who rights the mistakes he made in the past to for his son to deserve him as a father.

Iñigo Pascual plays Marcus, the young man who is the stumbling block in the romantic destiny of Kiko and Jackie.

It should be noted that this is the very first movie team-up of Daniel and Kathryn in 2015, coming from last year’s overwhelming success of She’s Dating The Gangster, which earned almost P263 million at the tills.

Individually, Daniel and Kathryn are very successful, proof of which are their separate projects, like Daniel’s triple platinum albums with Star Records and his jam-packed solo concerts.  Kathryn has an equally thriving career as actress, product endorser, and as a recording artist with several platinum awards to her name.

Together, Daniel and Kathryn are a very bankable tandem starring in sold-out concerts both here and abroad, a top-rating primetime TV series, and a string of box-office films.

In Crazy Beautiful You, their millions of fans and supporters will see a very different Daniel and Kathryn. As Kiko and Jackie, Daniel and Kathryn’s chemistry is visibly stronger than ever. The characters they play go on the craziest journey of their lives. Both go through self-rediscovery and ultimately, the love they have been yearning for.

The movie aims to show everyone how the power of true love can heal all wounds and that love is worth all the risk no matter how crazy life’s journey may be.

Daniel and Kathryn are now known as King and Queen of Hearts in this crazy, beautiful post Valentine movie that every fan should not miss.

The movie opens nationwide next Wednesday.

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